Gantt Chart Example

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule and is widely used in project management, and there are many Gantt Chart examples available online. Gantt charts have become a common technique for representing the phases and activities of a project work breakdown structure (WBS). There are many Gantt chart software programs available, and here is a Gantt chart Example from Matchware MindView;

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Gantt Chart Example

More about Gantt Chart Examples

There is a lot of information about creating Gantt Charts, and as technology improves, Gantt Chart Examples can be found from various sources, however most are static and lack crucial productivity elements.  Let’s take another look at a Gantt Chart Software that is dynamic, easy to update, and is fully integrated with programs such as Microsoft Project®.

Rather than start in a Gantt Chart, MindView lets you start in a Mind Map or a Work Breakdown Structure and convert to a Gantt chart. This helps for visualizing tasks, recognizing problem areas and getting the overall picture of the project scope. MindView also comes with a number of professional Gantt Chart examples.

Gantt Chart Example
Gantt chart from a Mind Map view using MindView

If you are looking for the most efficient and productive way to create a Gantt Chart, or are looking for professional Gantt Chart examples, be sure to check out MindView.